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A list of sources and what we've bought there, at what price. Use this forum when the material is not specific to a particular device. Delvie's Plastics

General Suppliers

  • Ponoko sells a range of laserable materials.
  • Inventables lots of maker suitable materials, many are not laser safe.
  • Ikea sells lots of small wooden items (spoons, coat hangers, wood cutting boards, etc) that can be laser etched as great gifts.


Acrylic: Cast and Extruded. Cast has a more uniform size and will produce a better raster effect. Extruded works well for cutting; thickness can vary a bit across the sheet. Cast has a paper protection on both sides that can be removed after lasering. Extruded comes with a PVC plastic protection layer on both sides that needs to be removed before lasering. Commonly comes in 3mm, 6mm, and thicker.

Tap Plastics

Tap Plastics web site A large selection of acrylic plastic, both cast and extruded. Usually have a bin of remainder odd size pieces for a few bucks each. They also sell a lot of other plastic products that are not laser safe. Ask them before buying something besides acrylic.

Delvie's Plastics Source for Cast Acrylic sheets, 1/16" thick to 2" thick. They also carry badge pins and clips. Delvie's Plastics is a full line distributor of Rowmark Engraving Materials.

U.S. Plastic 800-537-9724 Good source of sheet plastic. They ship it rolled up in a tube. I cut the roll on the power shear at TechShop.

  • Sytrene0.030 40x72 $10 + $10 shipping
  • PET-G (Vivak)0.040 24x48 $18 + $10 shipping


Moore Newton

San Leandro.

Aurora Hardwoods

San Jose and other locations [1] I hear they sell 3mm 5x5 Baltic birch plywood but will not cut it down for you.


San Carlos [2] has a large selection of great woods. Some plywood panels, pre-cut.

Home Depot

Precut 24x18 panels of several plywoods. Many have a nice finish on at least one side.

Mayan Hardwoods

Paso Robles.