Maker Nexus Steering Committee

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The Steering Committee

Current information about the executive committee is on our web site.

Historical Information

  • November 2017: First meeting of what was to become Maker Nexus. Eric Hess, Robert Smith, Regina Sakols, Kirsten Winklebauer, Jim Schrempp
  • December 2017: James Pistorino joins the steering committee.
  • January 2018: MN incorporated as non-profit in California. First board: Eric Hess, president; Jim Schrempp, vice president; Robert Smith, secretary; James Pistorino, treasurer; Regina Sakols, Operations. Kirsten Winklebaur is on steering committee as social media manager.
  • February 2018: James Pistorino leaves board.
  • March 2018: Heidi Stern joins board as treasurer.
  • May 2018: Ben Klemme joins advisory board.
  • July 2018: Kirsten Winklebauer leaves steering committee, remains an active advisor.
  • July 2018: Jesse Johnson joins the board of directors.