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Current Projects

If you would like to sign up to help with a particular project, please contact Eric Hess or Regina Sakols.

Please use a yellow background to indicate a high priority task.

Please use a Bold In Progress - YourName to indicate it is being worked on.

Please use an Italic Complete after a task to note it has been finished.


  • GFI outlet
  • Prime wall in main room. -In Progress - Eric H
  • Sand wall in main room. -Complete

General Space

Applies to the overall space, no specific area test

  • Find a location and method to store the vast fastener supply we have

Main Room

The large carpeted room on the right (address 234)

  • Set up 3D printer shelving unit and attach to wall

Class room

The room on the 236 side with computers.

  • Remove electrical and LAN box from middle of floor - Gabriel. box is moved to side wall. needs to have concrete screws into floor to secure it
  • Rekey (and remove files in...) File Cabinet

Event Room

The large carpeted room on the left side (236)

  • Rekey lock on door to balcony
  • Change sink to be a slop sink
    • What are the requirements for the Maker Nexus "slop sink?" Frankst (talk) 19:40, 9 January 2019 (EST)


Large one in 236

  • Install lock on door

Small one in 236

Large one in 234

Small one in 234

  • Fix leaking toilet - is it really leaking?


  • position ShopBot
  • Build 2nd Work-table (Duplicate existing pipe-frame table)
    • Purchase additional pipe for legs
    • Trade out legs in current table for new, shorter ones - work table to be same height as Kreg table next to it.
    • Assemble pipe frame.
    • Build 2nd top - glued together with wood glue, screwed together for clamping force, then cut to 48x48" with track saw, 1/4" roundover bit on all edges
    • Finish top with clear acrylic polyurethane (Deft - in Woodshop currently)
  • Clean both Flammables Material Cabinets
    • Use spray cleaner - HD Cleaner in woodshop currently - wipe down all exterior surfaces, clean interior
    • Make inventory of contents of flammables cabinet (needed for permit submission)
  • Build stands for Mini-Lathes
    • Source Materials
    • Cut to size to match Rikon Mini-Lathe Stand
    • Contact Eric Hess to help with welding frame
    • Prime & Paint
  • Fire rated door for access to the area

Metal shop

Fork lift charger

  • Replace protective ground wire with 12 gauge - may not be needed--awaiting review by electrical contractor - Frank
  • Label and lock the disconnect switch - completed in February - Frank
  • Secure top of cabinet to wall - completed January 12, 2019 - Frank

MN Office

Large conference room

The room on the right (234 side) with the shark logo window.

  • Tape over pulls in rug.

Small conference room

The room on the left (236 side).

Break Room

  • Install GFI outlet under sink
  • Resolve the low voltage transformer behind the refrigerator. Why is it there? Remove it.

IT work

  • Badges
    • Investigate and select an RFID solution
    • Badge printer
      • Set up in a location
      • Document how it works
    • Badge reader front desk, working with EZFacility
    • Machine use
      • Design a solution for the red/green lights on machinery
      • Guy buy in from interested parties
      • Build and deploy
  • Complete wiki pages on each of our equipment: Makerspace Equipment

Upcoming Projects

Metal Lathe Restoration