Baby Lock Éspire Sewing Machine

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Baby Lock Éspire Sewing Machine


Computerized Sewing machine with:

  • 53 utility stitches
  • 4 alphabets
  • 112 decorative stitches
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Free arm
  • Lateral stitch (straight and zig-zag only)
  • Needle up/down setting
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • One-step button hole
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
  • Adjustable needle position
  • Semi-automatic threading
  • Removable accessory storage




  • Sewing Spec:
Bobbin Size L
7 mm maximum stitch width
  • Electrical spec:
120V ~ 60Hz 1A

MN Asset Details

Baby Lock Éspire Name Plate and Serial Number
  • Location: Textile Area
  • Model Number: ESp
  • Serial Number: E1B142303
  • MN Asset Number: MN-742

Safety Specifics

All general MN Safety policies of course apply to use of this tool, as do safety policies for the containing shop area and safety practices prescribed in our classes and/or in detailed tool documentation, regardless of whether they're repeated here.

For any sewing machine:

  1. Keep your eye on the needle while sewing.
  2. Keep your fingers away from all moving parts. Do not touch handwheel, thread takeup levers, needles etc.
  3. Do not let anything obstruct the moving parts: foot pedals, levers, needles, etc.
  4. Do not push or pull fabric when sewing, and follow careful instructions when freehand stitching so you do not deflect the needle and cause it to break. Broken needles will tend to head straight for your eye.
  5. Watch to make sure you keep good posture. Take breaks.
  6. Lift mobile machines carefully to avoid back injury.
  7. Remove pins before the machine sews over them. They blunt or dull the needle and can causing timing problems.
  8. Make sure the needle isn't moving, at it's highest point and take-up lever is up before you remove fabric to avoid needle deflection.
  9. Make sure you light your work are well or get a light to avoid eye strain.
  10. Avoid loose clothing or long sleeves that might get caught in the work.
  11. If a needle bends or breaks, report it.
  12. Remember to turn off the power switch and unplug the cord when:
    1. Operation is complete
    2. Replacing, removing the needle or other parts
    3. Power failure during use
    4. Servicing the machine
    5. Leaving the machine unattended


We have the ESP model of the BabyLock Éspire, not the newer, fancier BLSR model.

Manuals for the ESP model are not readily available, but the Brother PC6000 is actually the same machine, so those manuals are linked here:

A hard-copy Service Manual is also available.

Materials, Tooling, Accessories




Tips & Tricks

The foot pedal is optional. If it is not plugged in, the machine is controlled by the start stop button on the head above the needle.

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